Buzby’s House Hour 16

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  • May 14, 2014

Thought it was too long since I uploaded something, so here you go.

Deep Stomping House music, up tempo and Bassy. Enjoy, feedback welcome.

One love, Buzby.

1. Deetron – Rhythm

2. Detroit Swindle – Unfinished Bizzniss

3. James Dexter – Alright

4. G Logan – How Do We

5. Tapesh & Maximiljan – Virtues

6. Julien Chaptal – The Look On Your Face

7. Kyle Watson – Two Left Feet

8. Mob Serenade – Inside Live

9. Kyle Watson – You Should

10. Leigh D Oliver – I Don’t Bite

11. Dale Howard – Throwback

12. Dale Howard – Mild Satifaction

13. Heston – House Thing (Him Self Her Remix)

14. James Johnson – Dance With U

15. James Winter – Different Horizons

16. Kele Okereke – Heartbraker


About DJ Buzby

I have grown up listening all types of music and have a wide range of musical tastes. I was fortunately victim to the Acid House/Rave scene, back in 1989 and have been hooked ever since. I started to DJ around 1988, playing all types of party tunes at various House parties, but once I was on board the rave train, I soon narrowed my musical delivery to pure House music. I evolved with the scene and soon begun to play Drum n Bass/Jungle and also stuck to the foundation, House Music. I worked in two different independent record stores, which kept me to the forefront of the scene and I soon begun to play on various pirate radio stations. This resulted in me getting booked to play at various venues around the country. I wasn't by any means a full time or very well known DJ, but really enjoyed the very small part I played in it. From around late 1996, I got pre-occupied with my normal full time job and unfortunately DJing and the music scene took a back seat. After quite sometime on the shelf, I rekindled my passion for music and started to play music again. It's funny, as I enjoy it more now, than I ever did before. I have nothing to prove now and am not out there trying to be the next Superstar DJ. This time around it's strictly for the love of music. I now host THE HOUSE FOUNDATION SHOW on www.fuzionlive.com each Thursday night, 20.00hrs til 22.00hrs. Playing all kinds of House music, old and new. I will post up some of my mixes for your listening pleasure and would appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Hope you enjoy them?

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